Mashed Broad Beans and Potato

Sorry this recipe did not turn out as I wished it to. I steamed the broad beans until tender but when I came to mash them the skin was so thick I had to wait till they were cool enough for me to remove the skins and then they mashed. Next time I think that I will buy tinned broad beans and see if they are easier to mash.
The colours are very attractive in a meal.
4 potatoes, peeled
125 gms 4 ozs or 1 tin of broad beans
25 gms 1 oz vegan margarine
salt and pepper
Boil the potatoes in salty water until tender. Drain.
Steam the broad beans until tender.
Combine the potato and broad beans. Mash them together. Add margarine and salt and pepper to taste.
Serves 4 people.

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