Leek Polenta

This is my 300th Vegan recipe and I am using a South African Polenta.
Cornmeal is made from dried crushed maize.
1/2 lb 225 gms leeks, cleaned and sliced
2 Tblsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
7 ozs 200 gms course cornmeal
1 tsp olive oil
1 Tblsp fresh parsley, chopped
Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the leeks until just soft.
Bring 2 pts 1 Lt of water to the boil and add the salt. Trickle handfuls of the cornmeal into the boiling water stirring all the time with a whisk. If lumps form lift the pan off the heat and beat hard. When all the cornmeal is incorporated use a wooden spoon and stir over a low heat for 15 minutes. It should be thick but not stiff.
Stir in the leeks with their oil and cook for 5 minutes.
Oil a loaf tin and pour the mixture in. Cover and chill. It will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator.
To Serve:
Heat the grill. Turn the polenta out of the tin and cut into thick slices. Brush both sides with olive oil then grill on both sides until crisp.
Arrange on a hot serving plate and scatter with parsley. Serves 4 people. Serve with a salad or vegetable dish.

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