Glace Fruits

1 seedless satsuma
12 black grapes
3 ozs 75g sugar
3 Tblsp water
Peel the satsuma and divide into segments, remove as much pith as possible.
Cut the grapes almost in half lengthwise, remove any pips.
Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring slowly to the boil, make sure that the sugar has all dissolved before it boils. Once the sugar has dissolved DO NOT stir, boil until the syrup begins to turn a pale straw colour. Immediately drop pieces of fruit one at a time into the syrup, remove and place on a board. Spoon any remaining syrup over the fruit before it sets.
Arrange the fruit with a satsuma segment inside a grape and place in a sweet case to dry and set.
Serve at the end of a meal with the coffee or tea.

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