Cracked Wheat Salad

150g 5 ozs bulgur (cracked) wheat
225g 8 ozs carrots
4 spring onions, sliced
5 Tblsps parsley, chopped (save a sprig to decorate)
3 Tblsps coriander leaves, chopped
3 Tblsps currants or seedless raisins
4 Tblsps Seville orange juice or 2 Tblsps other orange juice and 2 Tblsps lemon juice
salt and pepper
1 Iceberg or Cos lettuce
small black olives
sprig of parsley to decorate
Soak wheat in 500 mls 18 fl ozs water for 30 minutes.
Peel and coarsely grate carrots.
Drain wheat and squeeze in handfuls to lose moisture.
Place wheat, carrots, spring onions, herbs and dried fruit in a bowl.
Beat together oil, juice and seasoning. Dress the salad. Cover and chill.
Line a dish with the lettuce, pile on the salad and garnish with olives and parsley.
Serves 4 people.
Seville oranges are bitter and add a distinct flavour but are difficult to find.

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