Sesame Apples

1 Tblsp sesame seeds
4 eating apples
1 Tblsp cornflour
4 ozs 100g sugar
2 Tblsps oil
Spread sesame seeds on a sheet of foil and toast under the grill until golden. Peel, core and cut apples into small chunks. Toss in cornflour. Dissolve the sugar slowly in warm oil until it becomes a thick syrup, with a little oil floating on the top and pale golden brown. Drop in a few apple chunks at a time. Remove with a fork and place in a wire basket or colander. Dip in and out of a bowl of iced wter to set like toffee. Place on individual plates. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Serve with coconut cream or custard.
Serves 4 people.
Seedless grapes can be used with or instead of apple chunks.

About heatherlamont

I was brought up in the Belgium Congo (DRC). Trained as a nurse and midwife in England with tropical diseases from Liverpool University. Married Tony Lamont in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Lived in England for 20 years. Wrote GOURMET VEGAN published by Gollancz. Moved to Australia in 1995. Tony and I now live on a farm in Queensland Australia.
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