Mixed Fruit Salad

A recipe from Geraldine in Trinidad.
1 pawpaw, deseeded, peeled and cubed
8 ozs 225g water melon, cubed
8 ozs 225g honeydew melon, deseeded, peeled and cubed
8ozs 225g grapes, halved and seeds removed if present
2 bananas. peeled and thickly sliced
4 passion fruit
1/2 pt 300 mls unsweetened orange juice
Halve the passion fruit and scoop out the flesh into a large fruit bowl.Place all the ingredients in the fruit bowl and pour over the orange juice.Place in the refrigerator for 2 hours to allow the flavours to mix.
Serves 4 people.
Refrigerate any left overs as they taste even better the next day. Especially for breakfast over porridge.

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