For years vegetables have been cleaned, put in a pan with plenty of water and cooked slowly to death.
At last their importance is being realized. They are a rich source of nutrition. They look good, taste good and can be cooked in a variety of methods. Freshness is important. Many vegetables can be eaten raw. It is important to cook vegetables for as short a time as possible to keep their goodness.
Whether vegetables are boiled or steamed the saucepan lid should always be kept on.
It is not necessary to add bicarbonate of soda.
The Chinese method of cooking vegetables by stir-frying in a little vegetable oil for 2-5 minutes, then adding vegetable stock and simmering for 5-10minutes, preserves nearly all the goodness.

Vegetable Stock
Generally the water that vegetables have been cooked in makes a good stock, especially: spinach, broccoli, courgettes, marrow and potato water. Or: wash the vegetables carefully before trimming and peeling. Boil up these trimmings and peelings to make a basic stock. Alternatively use a vegetable stock cube.
Vegetable stock will freeze and keep up to 3 months.

Stuffed Vegetables
Almost any vegetable can be stuffed.
Stuffing a vegetable is decorative but can be very time-consuming. Shirley Conran said, ‘Life is too short to stuff a mushroom’.

Fillings for Stuffed Vegetables
Stuffs about 2 lbs 900g of vegetables
6ozs 175g rice, cooked
1 Tblsp parsley, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1/2 tsp ground ginger
6ozs 175g tomatoes, skinned and chopped
salt, black pepper
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
Pack tightly into the vegetable to be baked.

2 tsp chopped dill or mint
2ozs 50g chick peas,
4ozs 125g rice, cooked
1/4 tsp ground allspice
1 onion, chopped
1 Tblsp parsley, chopped
6ozs 175g tomatoes, skinned, chopped
Prepare as above.

To Make Vegetables Extra Special

1 Tblsp lemon juice
pinch oregano
1/2 clove garlic, chopped
salt, pepper
4ozs 125g vegan margarine
Mix all ingredients into the margarine.
Serve as a pate on top of the vegetables or heat to melt margarine and pour over any vegetables.

Add the juice of 1 orange while boiling. Glaze with warmed syrup and melted margarine.

After boiling to just tender break into florets. Heat 1 Tblsp vegan margarine with 1 Tblsp olive oil,  add juice of 1 lemon and salt and pepper. Roll cauliflower in this over a low heat until lemon juice is absorbed.

Green Beans
Add almonds sauteed in vegan margarine


About heatherlamont

I was brought up in the Belgium Congo (DRC). Trained as a nurse and midwife in England with tropical diseases from Liverpool University. Married Tony Lamont in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Lived in England for 20 years. Wrote GOURMET VEGAN published by Gollancz. Moved to Australia in 1995. Tony and I now live on a farm in Queensland Australia.
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